Austin Sustainable Swap

And We're Back!

September 28, 2013

What an excellent first swap to start the season.

While we didn't have much to offer in terms of free classes and workshops (step on up, folks! ;-) ), we collected the largest quantity of donations than we ever have in a swap for SafePlace, as well as a large box full of books and stuff for Treasure City Thrift!

Plus, there were plenty of new folks out, who intend to clear out their closets and homes, and bring us more goodies to redistribute.

If you would like to share a class or workshop, please let us know asap so we may promote you!  If you are a musician who would like to share an acoustic (non-amplified set) please join us!

If you work/volunteer with a non-profit, encourage your organization to join us at the Swap to educate the community about what y'all do, and how we can better support your organization towards our collective success!  

See y'all in October.  

Summer Hiatus

June 28, 2013
Thanks y'all, for your support so far!

June was indeed our smallest swap, which I attribute to our dear Texas heat.

We're taking off July and August, and will be back in September, on the 21st.

In the meantime, keep cool, stay hydrated, and share as much as you may with as many people as you wish to share with, because it's through sharing our time and resources that we create an abundance of everything it is we need to be comfortable. 

Next year we'll likely take June-August off, unless our clim...
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The Busy-ness of Life!

May 17, 2013
Well, here it is, a day before the May swap, and I'm just updating the site.

Sometimes, we get so busy with all the things we have going on in our lives, that we drop balls. 

It's okay, dropping balls is how we learn.  Luckily, they're not glass balls!

The most important thing about dropping balls is, pick them back up again.  And take responsibility for dropping it!   Especially if you keep dropping the same ball;  you can't blame the ball, either.

I recently had the experience of being a ball t...
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Correction: The Swap Will Restart in September

April 15, 2013
September 21st, to be precise, the last official day of summer before the equinox on the 22nd, and Hot Mama's will be holding a fall festival equinox celebration!

What a fabulous way to kick-off a new season. :D

So we'll see you on 4/20, and then again in May and June, take a break (and stay cool!) during the July and August heat, and come September, we'll enjoy a super sweet swap.

Haz w teh fabiliz, folks!  
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4/20 Reduce Reuse Recycle

April 9, 2013
Reduce the stuff you have
Reuse other people's stuff
and Recycle "trash" into art!

or into whatever else you would like to convert something that may be considered "junk" or "useless" into something new...

June 15th will be our last swap of the Spring; we'll be taking a break during the heat of the summer--12-4 in Texas is super-hot come summer, without a body of water nearby to jump into!

The swap will start again in October, when the weather is amenable to outdoorsing without heat stroke.  :D

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Growing Slowly Every Month

March 1, 2013
It's easier to adjust when your A.S.S. grows slowly;  it's more sustainable that way!

It has brought me great pleasure and delight to see the swap get bigger every month, and that every month we have re-distributed so many large bags and boxes of stuff to folks who need it.

And oh so excited about our March swap!  

What a day!  Not only is it during SXSW, but we have the pleasure of sharing our space at Hot Mama's with The Bridge Collective, Texas's first non-profit, full-spectrum doula collecti...
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The Joy of Giving

January 26, 2013
Our third swap was a success!

Though the event is still small, we are slowly growing--and regardless of how young our A.S.S. is, it's really bringing in some great contributions for redistributing!

This month, we gathered 4-5 boxes/large bags of women, children, and baby clothes, toys, and books to SafePlace;  4 large boxes worth of general stuff to Treasure City Thrift; and two more large boxes of children's books that will be donated to the Austin Children's Shelter next week.

It was so gratif...
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Coming in January: SUPER SWAP!

January 7, 2013
Thanks so much to Lori Kline for volunteering to facilitate the Super Swap!

This month from 12-1ish, join in on the fun:
Do you have things that you have around the house that you no longer want? 

If so, take this opportunity to 'swap' them with things you can use.

Please bring 10 to 20 new/gently used (not broken or damaged) things you no longer want or need. 

Think holiday gifts you have no idea what to do with. If you provide services or make items, you can also put that in to be swapped. If y...
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Intimate and Fun

December 16, 2012
The December swap was sweet, indeed.

Though some folks weren't able to make it out, (December is SOOO busy for people), those of us who were able had a great time.  The weather was lovely, art was made, and acro-balance yoga was enjoyed by both the participants and the audience.

We gathered donations for SafePlace and the Austin Children's Shelter, which were all dropped off today. 

Thank you all who shared with your community!  Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Remember folks:  every m...
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Our 2nd Swap!

December 14, 2012
Is just a day away!

We really hope that folks bring out some great contributions to donate to SafePlace and the Austin Children's Shelter.

We've decided that we enjoy helping SafePlace out so much, we'd like to regularly make the Austin Sustainable Swap a contribution drop-off point for SafePlace!  

Facilitating assisting our community, a little bit at a time.

Aside from gently worn clothing, shoes, toys, & books, SafePlace could also use NEW toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, d...
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