Tara's Calendula Herbal Oil!

At our debut, Tara brought out some home-made skin care products, as well as fresh herbs and veggies from her garden.

I purchased a bottle of her Calendula oil, that helps heal dry and damaged skin.  And it works!

I had a terrible acne outbreak on my chin, which the oil helped heal, and helped minimize the dry, peeling skin in the process. My face had little bits peeling all over the place, thanks to the weather change and Austin's dry climate.  All gone now!

Last week, I was in Houston, and got a head cold.  i went through a whole box of kleenex in less than 2 days.  The oil helped keep my nose from being too red, and helped reduce the peeling skin, and healed it quickly (once I was done with blowing it all the time.)

Find out more about what Tara has to offer at www,vidagreenconsulting.com.  Or come and see her in person in December, at our next swap! 

Thank you, Tara!