Austin Sustainable Swap

 What Are YOU Bringing to Your Table?

Got such a knack for growing squash that you end up with way more than you could ever eat?  

Or kale, or greenbeans, or peppers get the picture.  Bring your extras to the swap, so you can trade out with other micro-farmers in the area, or maybe for crafts or services that folks are offering in exchange.  

It's a fun way to make new friends, and get some variety in your diet, without having to grow all different kinds of produce yourself.

Are you crafty, have lots of your creations lying around, and you're wondering what to do with them all already?  Bring it!  Mebbe folks are interesting in buying or trading, or learning how you do what you do.  Are you willing to teach? Even better! :D

Do you have a class or workshop that you'd like to share with the community?  A free introductory class is a great way to both share what you have to offer, and maybe even gather new (and paying!) students.  You may set up a tip/donation jar if you wish.

Would you like a space to promote your volunteer group or non-profit organization, so folks know who y'all are and what you do, and how we as a community may help you succeed in providing us community support services? 

If you support our community, we want to support you!  It's always excellent when we know what fabulous tools are to our access.

You Are Welcome!  Tell us what you want to do, and we'll reserve a space for you.  

We appreciate if you reserve your space by the 10th of each month, so we may have time to promote you.

*What skills/services/stuff do you plan to promote/swap?

*How much space do you need?

*Will you be present for the entire event, or partially-if so, when?

*Will you be sharing a class/workshop/demo; if so, how long (15 min-4 hrs)?

*What contact info would you like us to list publicly, on this site, so we may promote you?

OR Apply HERE!

(link will take you to Google Form)

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We haz stage and amp! 

If you would like to share you music craft with us, you are welcome. 

(1-2 hr sets, from 11-4? Mebbe? We see...)

Wandering unplugged musicians are also welcome. Share you art! 

Because Hot Mama's is in business/residential mixed property, we must be respectful of the shared space by maintaining reasonable volume levels. 

Unfortunately we cannot host any drummers (as much as we love dancing to funky beats!)  

Thank You! 

We Provide the Space. You Provide the Rest.

The Sustainable Swap is free. There's no charge to set up your table or booth.  We provide you an excellent space with access to delicious food and yummy coffee and teas and Mama-made kombucha.  We also provide you with electricity (BYOEC).

The rest is up to you--you are responsible for your own table, chairs, shade structure (though we may have some covered spaces, just ask), extension cords, lighting, etc.   Whatever it is that you need to do what you do, bring it.  We're not responsible.

You are responsible for clearing your space.  This is a LEAVE NO TRACE community event, so take out what you bring in.  Hot Mama's will gladly recycle your recyclables. 

If you do swap for cash or check or credit, you are responsible for your sales records, taxes, etc.  If you want to accept credit cards, you are responsible; Hot Mama's will not run cards for you.

Are you willing to share your table or shade structure space?  Let us know, so more folks can come out and share what they have to offer.


The Austin Sustainable Swap is 100% volunteer organized & funded.  If you should enjoy financial profit during the event, we greatly appreciate tips to help cover our costs.

Suggestion:  Bring a small whiteboard where you can List what Skills/Services/Stuff you OFFER on one side, and on the other, what it is you are seeking to trade for; what you WANT. 

:D (Thanks for the idea, Dani!)

  • YOU MAY SET UP AS EARLY AS 10:00 A.M. If you intend to stay from 12-4 BE SET-UP BY 11:30 A.M. 
  •                                       If you stay past 4 pm, PLEASE BEGIN BREAKDOWN BY 5:15, & BE OUT BY 6:00                               (There is flexibility--you don't HAVE to be present from noon-4 to reserve a space or participate--let us know what you can do. :D Then we have more room for more folks to share their awesome.)


  • NO PREPARED FOOD VENDING ALLOWED;  home-canned goods are welcome. If you did not prepare them in a commercial kitchen, you cannot swap $$ for it.  Make sure it's labeled "Home-Canned", and swap goods and services to your heart's content.



 If for any reason you can't make it out, please let us know ASAP, so that we can offer your space to another person.

If you are an artisan who desires to sell your wares primarily, and barter secondarily, then we ask that you share an intro class/workshop or demonstration with your community.  The class may be a minimum of 15 minutes, or as long as 4 hrs.  

We want to encourage barter/trade/swap primarily, but we are not discouraging sales. We encourage sharing knowledge with your community as a means of self-promotion (everybody wins).  Thanks for sharing!

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