Austin Sustainable Swap

Non-Profit Network 

& Volunteer Groups


Austin is fortunate to have many different non-profit groups that assist the community in a variety of ways.  The Austin Sustainable Swap is a place for local non-profits and volunteer groups to interact with the community, educating us about how they support us, and how we may support them, towards the mutual success of our community as a whole.

The A.S.S. is also a place for non-profits to network with non-profits--so that groups working towards common goals or in similar arenas can help support each other, towards greater success and sustainability. 

And what a great opportunity to recruit volunteers!  You never know until you ask, whether you need help or would like to help--ask or offer.

Austin Time Exchange Network

From their Facebook page:


"The Austin Time Exchange Network (ATEN), a grassroots, community program, enables individuals to exchange services with one another by sharing skills within a network of people in Greater Austin. It is a local exchange system designed to validate and reward the work of respecting equality and rebuilding community while providing an alternative means for its members to meet their needs. The goal of ATEN is to serve as a bridge between people from different economic, social, and ethnic backgrounds by providing the opportunity for interaction through the exchanging of services. All of this aims to encourage systemic social change, economic equality, and community empowerment in Austin."

Acts of Sharing

From Facebook:

"It’s simple. Share the things you have with those around you. Nothing new, in fact, it’s something we have all engaged in at one time or another. And yet, we haven’t even touched the potential of this basic but most necessary act. Imagine a community of people who value their neighbors as they value themselves. Imagine being able to access tens and hundreds of times more stuff than you yourself have in your home. Imagine, before deciding to purchase an item, the ability to borrow it and try it out for yourself? At Acts of Sharing, we’ve been imagining the implications, and we’re incredibly excited. Sharing is nothing original, but we think it’s revolutionary. And it will change everything."

Acts of Sharing is an online network that allows you to connect with other "sharers" in your neighborhood.  You list what you are willing to loan, and what you are looking to borrow.


From their website, SafePlace:

"Provides Safety for individuals and families affected by sexual and domestic violence.

Helps victims in their Healing so they can move beyond being defined by the crimes committed against them, and become Survivors. 

Promotes safe and healthy relationships for the Prevention of sexual and domestic violence. 

Works with others to create Change in attitudes, behaviors and policies that perpetuate the acceptance of, and impact our understanding and responses to, sexual and domestic violence."

We support SafePlace every month with your help!  The clothing, toys, and books remaining at the end of the swap are donated to SafePlace.  Thanks for sharing!

Compost Coalition

From their website

"We are working to keep organic materials out of landfills and return the nutrients back to our soils by connecting those producing "waste" with those than can use it."

Like coffee grounds, wood shavings, mulch, yard waste, kitchen scraps, and spent grains.

There's an online forum for discussion, making it easier for people to connect, locally.

The Bridge Collective

The Bridge Collective is a newly-formed, full-spectrum doula collective that is a Texas non-profit, and working towards achieving official 501c3 status.

Aside from providing traditional doula services, community education, and various aspects of family support, TBC seeks to provide the Austin community with free abortion doula services to those in need of compassionate support, as well as free/low cost birth doula support, and free preventative education.

Visit TBC on Facebook here, or visit the website:

The Austin Clothes Exchange

From Facebook

"The Clothes exchange is a great way to update your wardrobe without buying new things. At a an exchange party people get together to swap items - from clothes,to toys, books to sports equipment. Exchange parties makes acquiring new things into a fun, interactive event, which also reduces our environmental impact through recycling products."

You can find the Austin Clothes Exchange at Hope Farmers Market, @ the corner of 5th & Waller.

Burners Without Borders

From the main site:

"BWB is an international network of volunteers dedicated to creating community through social good works that reflect inclusion, self-reliance, civic responsibility, gifting, and above all, the belief that doing good can be fun, and be done with style." 

Connect with the local Austin chapter on FB, here.

Treasure City Thrift

From their website:

"At Treasure City, we believe that thrift stores by definition should be thrifty. So we are. By selling items in our store at lower prices than other local retail and thrift shops, we are affordable to all, opening our doors to a truly diverse set of folks. And unlike other thrift stores, we work towards zero-waste: we throw away as little as possible, we partner with Ecology Action to recycle whatever we can, and we give away unsold items each month at the Really Really Free Market."

Treasure City does a whole lot more, visit their website to find out, and visit them on FB here.

The stuff that remains after the swap that isn't suitable for SafePlace goes to Treasure City Thrift!  So feel free to bring what usable stuff you don't want/need anymore--it will be redistributed. :D

Travis County Master Gardeners Association

From their website

"We are folks who love plants and love to talk to people about plants. As a program of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, we provide non-biased, sound horticultural information to the community. Our non-profit organization, Travis County Master Gardeners Association, is not a garden club, but a service organization of certified master gardeners - trained volunteers who give their time in the community to help others garden well and joyfully in Central Texas."

A valuable resource of knowledge for our community to make use of!