Austin Sustainable Swap

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this event work?

The structure of the event is simple, to allow for personal responsibility & self-organization.  The event is provided by Hot Mama's Cafe, with the help of a Volunteer/Event Facilitator (VEF). The VEF voluntarily maintains/updates the website, assists other volunteers, and facilitates reservations & scheduling.  The rest is provided by the participants. 

Can I sell stuff at the Swap?

Yes, you may sell stuff, as long as the stuff is used stuff (clothes, books, tools, toys, etc) or stuff you made yourself.  If you are bringing home-canned goods, you may only charge $$ if they were canned in a commercial kitchen.

Is there a fee to reserve a space?

The Austin Sustainable Swap is free!  It is 100% volunteer facilitated.  Hot Mama's is hosting the event voluntarily, at no cost.  Show your appreciation and purchase some nom noms or coffees or Mama-made kombucha.  Tips for the event are sweet, too.

What do I need to bring to the Swap?

Whatever it is you feel you need:  tables, chairs, shade-structures, are your responsibility. Bring a great attitude and a willingness to share & learn.  And bring your friends! ;)

What can I swap at the Swap?

Home-grown produce & nuts, home-canned goods; used stuff: books, clothes, tools, toys, shoes, music, etc; skills, services; crafts & artisan work...whaddaya got?

Is the Swap kid-friendly?

Yes!  Please, bring your kiddos. We encourage the folks sharing workshops & classes, to offer classes/presentations that may be appreciate by kids of any age, both young and old.

Is it necessary to reserve a space to participate?

No, it is not.  Bring what you have to swap, come network & market your skills and services, add produce to the veg give-away pile.  If you do reserve a space, we will promote you.

Do I have to be there the entire time, from 12-4?

No, you do not.  Let us know what time you plan on being there and how long, if you are reserving a space, so we may let folks know. 

If I need electricity, can haz?

Yes, you can haz.  Bring your own extension cords; may be a good idea to label them to prevent possible confusion.

What is "Leave No Trace"?

"Leave No Trace" means leave wherever you are in the same condition it was when you found it, or better.  OR BETTER is bestest.  There are trash-cans available, and Hot Mama's will gladly recycle your recyclables.

How is the Swap promoted?

The Swap is promoted here on the website; social media; flyers around town (postering service donated by MotorBlade Postering; and by YOU, telling your friends, family, & neighbors.  Especially if you are reserving a space--let folks know when you'll be here, and to check out the other awesomeness happening at the Swap!

Do you need volunteers?

Yes!  Contact Margarita if you want to help and are available.

Have any additional questions?  Please direct them to Margarita at 

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