Austin Sustainable Swap

 Oh, The Fabulous Folks You'll See!

 Coming November 16th, 2013:

Super Swap!

Hosted by Lori Kline, the Super Swap! is akin to a white elephant gift exchange, except there's no wrapping. 

Bring gently used items that you no longer need or want, but that you think are pretty neato and would be appreciated by/useful for other folk.

How ever many items you bring determines how many times you get to pick out an item that someone else brought, in order of your arrival to participate in the Super Swap!

The more folks participate, the more fun it is for everyone involved.  

The Super Swap! will be kicking off around 12:30.

Happy Creative Life 

Michelle will be offering Tarot readings, Energy Healing, Hoops and hoop lessons.

Adam Harwood & Lily Pad Farm

Adam will be sharing a free aquaponics class with us, and bringing fresh veggies hydroponically grown at Lily Pad Farm!

 Perla Leal

Perla is a local artist who will be sharing/trading/selling her art postcards, note cards and t-shirts which feature her artwork.

And lavender shea butter, too!

She is also available to assist artists with setting up a webpage/blog, creating business cards, and promoting their own art; and may be providing a workshop at the swap in the future, doing just that!

 General Swap Tables 

We'll have a children's clothing swap table, adult clothing swap table, a parenting tools (re-usable and sterilizable stuff that helps out during those first couple years) swap table, and a book swap table, and a toy swap all afternoon. 

Bring what you'd like to trade, add them to the tables; look through and take what you need/like, at an equal exchange rate of what you brought, 1-for-1.  

If you don't see anything you'd like to trade for, but don't feel like taking what you brought out to swap back home, donate it; we'll take it to SafePlace if it's appropriate for them, or to Treasure City Thrift.

(If you're interested in facilitating the Parenting Tools swap table and encouraging community participation, let us know, your assistance is appreciated!)

Seed and Plant Swap

Bring out your seeds, your extra plants and extra produce for trade, share, and gifting.

Tell your gardener friends to join us!

(If you would enjoy facilitating this space and encouraging community participation, please let us know! We appreciate our volunteers.)

Austin Time Exchange Network

"The Austin Time Exchange Network (ATEN) provides a complementary currency that enables members to build community through the exchange of services." -mission statement 

Orientation gives us insight into how ATEN works; it's also the first step to begin participating in ATEN--you may register with ATEN on-line, but until you attend orientation, you won't be able to actively participate in the network. 

1:30 pm

Suspire : Breathe Massage Therapy 

Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson, LMT, CIMI, will have chair massage available for swapping for stuff or skills or bills...if she's not at her chair she may be helping out at a table.

Please Bring Your Own Bags!   Re-usable bags are even better.   

Remember:  You don't HAVE to set up a table to participate in the swap.  Bring what you've got to swap, and trade away.  Have skills?  Come and see if there are folks who could make use of them.

The BEST way to promote your skills is to share a free intro class/workshop with your community.  

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